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Product Code SRB-PRL-002 Weight 6.49 CT
Shape ROUND Cut Very Good
Color WHITE Luster Very Good

Pearl Represents the Moon (Chandra) and called the queen in Astrology, Pearl comes in White, Black and with Tinges of Yellow, Blue, light Pink, Red, Brown and Green. Pearls are found in Srilanka, Bengal, Mexico, Australia and Japan. The Chemical Formula of Pearl CaCo3, Specific Gravity 2.60-2.78 & Hardness on moh’s scale is 2.50-4.50. The Pearl is often called the “queen of the sea”. Due to malefic moon, people who suffer from instability, life becomes full of struggles and circumstances are unfavorable, they should wear a pearl. Pearl helps to keep emotions under control, gives success, happiness & a comfortable life. A quite, gentle shine and softness of the pearl has endeared it alike to men and women over the ages. A pearl is considered flawed if it has cracks on the skin, a joint appearance, a mole, is lusterless & has mud or other material inside. The Pearl harmonizes Chandra, the moon which directly influences emotions, mind and affluence. Wearing a pearl can bring harmony and stability to these influences. Chandra influences the seasonal, monthly and daily cycles and rhymes in the physiology and our emotions. Chandra, the moon, occupies a central role in the solar system and also in our physiology. This influence is represented by the hypothalamus in our physiology which controls our behavior, emotions, hormonal and reproductive cycles and body temperature. It nourishes the physiology like a mother or queen and occupies a central place in the center of the brain with the thalamus. When the planet moon is malefic, a person can suffer from the loss of semen through urine, rheumatic and mental diseases. Pearl should be worn on the little finger on Monday after having been embedded in gold or silver and performing Purification, Abhimantran, Pran-Prathishtha, & chanting of Mantras.