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Product Code SRB-AME-003 Weight 5.29 CT
Shape OVAL MIXED Cut Very Good
Color VIOLET Luster Very Good

Amethyst represents Saturn (Shani). Amethyst are found in any shade of purple to violet. The chemical formula for amethyst is Sio2 (Silica), Specific Gravity 2.65, Refractive index 1.552-1.554 & Hardness on moh’s scale 7.0. amethyst is generally found in India, Russia, Austria, South Korea and Zambia. Amethyst shows its effects sooner than any other gem. It is proved fruitful and effective to the wearer as it will destroy his diseases, faults, sorrows, poverty and increases his food grains, prosperity, strength, glory, life-span and off-springs. It also restores the property which the wearer might have lost prior to the wearing of the Amethyst. If it is proved unfavorable, it may make all the efforts and activities fruitless and may be harmful to the wearer. Saturn is given the post of an attendant in the solar system. Its speed is very slow that is why it is called ‘Shaneshchar’ which means a slow mover. In Indian astrology, Saturn is considered to be a malefic amongst the malefic but its last effect is happy. Throwing man into misfortunes and calamities, the Saturn ultimately saves the man. Saturn is regarded the strongest of all planets. Amethyst is most useful especially to transporters, property dealers, contractors, mill owners, dealers in machines, hawkers, policemen and financers. It is also said that it can give peace to the heart of the man if it is worn near the heart. It is also believed that evil thoughts are destroyed as well as behavior remains pacified by wearing a Amethyst. Morality remains firm in ladies who wear a Amethyst. Amethyst should be worn on the middle finger on Saturday after having been embedded in gold or silver and performing Purification, Abhimantran, Pran-Pratishtha & chanting of Mantras preferably after sunset.